Why you should work with a Managed Security Service Provider ?

Ever wondered why managed security services are important?

The data threat landscape is evolving day-by-day and that only increases the risk of cyber attacks on all businesses and organizations. According to Dell Security, malware attacks doubled to 8.19 billion in 2016.

Juniper Research estimates cyber-crime will costs businesses over $2 trillion by the year 2019. Organizations dealing with sensitive data of clients has a high risk of cyber attack. To protect your organization’s confidential data, you need a systematic approach to manage security needs.

Organizations with limited staff and low budget might lag behind in security management. Managed Security Service Providers help such organizations with not only cost-efficient threat detection and but also timely maintenance.

Managed security services providers like Exploit Hunters provides a wide range of frameworks to ensure there is no threat in the system. Following are the security services provided by Aristi Labs :

1. Intrusion detection: Intrusion detection gathers and analyzes information from various areas within a network to identify possible security contravention.

2. Security monitoring services: In security monitoring, the warnings of intrusions are collected, analyzed and escalated.

3. ISMAC: ISMAC helps businesses achieve complete threat visibility by monitoring and analyzing every activity happening on your network infrastructure.

4. Security audits: Security audit is an assessment of a system or application of an organization.

5. Managed Firewall: Our team of experts firewall engineers manages, monitors and keeps it up to date so that organizations don’t have to face any cyber attack.

Benefits of hiring Exploit Hunters as your Managed security services provider:

  1. Knowledge and expertise: Our team is experienced, industry certified & skilled in security management with updated knowledge. Our team of security experts work 24×7 for detecting threats in your infrastructure and updating them from time to time.
  2. Save time & Space: Organizations need not hire more resources just to detect threats and manage security. Hiring new people, training them becomes very time & space consuming. This issue can be solved by simply delegating the work to a Managed security service like Exploit Hunters.
  3. Latest security tools: We provide updated technology required in threat detection and performing audits. It is very difficult for all organizations to have such high technology within the organization and update it frequently
  4. Early threat detection: Because of early threat detection and protection, it gets easy for businesses to focus on their main functions and leave the security concerns on MSSP like Exploit Hunters.
  5. Cost-saving/ budget-friendly: For small and middle-level organizations, security management goes over budget since it requires high technology, 24×7 monitoring, expertise, and time! So, for cost feasibility, security management is outsourced to MSSP.

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